What do you know about Colonel Blood?

He was the man who audaciously stole thecrown jewels in 1671 and then, incredibly, was pardoned by Charles II. He was married tolocal land owner’s daughter Maria Holcroft whose family built theRaven Inn as part of their estate, back in the day.

It is highly possible that Colonel Blood downed a flagon of ale in theRaven, to celebrate his reprieve from a grisly fate.

The Raven Inn has stood proud, between the villages of Glazebury andCulcheth ever since – for over 450 years.

For the vast majority of that time the Raven has been a favouritewatering hole for generations of people, both local and from further afield.

In recent times the Raven has been threatened with demolition and residentialdevelopment. That has been staved off for the moment, and we arenow trying not only to save the Raven Inn, but also to safeguard itsfuture by turning it into a community pub for future generations.

We have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to add to the unbelievablehistory of this unique building. Not only saving and preserving it, butbreathing the life back into the fabric of the building, by returning it towhat it has been and what it should always be, a pub. A pub with a difference!As a community pub, it willact as a hub for the local communities to use as they wish!

We are currently negotiating with the agent representing the owners,with a view to making a community purchase. If a price can be agreed, we willbe asking our local community to become shareholders in the pub.

For a modest sum, it would be possible to invest in the future of theRaven.
To make a social investment in your community.

Irrespective of whether a person buys the minimum or the maximumamount of shares, it is one member one vote. Everyone would have an equal sayin the development and running of the Raven.

We firmly believe that making the Raven a community pub / hub is theonly way to ensure it is saved for future generations.

In the end Colonel Blood did not get away with stealing the crown Jewels.We will not allow anyone to steal the Raven from us.

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